The ValBO conference will take place in Marseille on the St Charles Aix-Marseille University campus in "Amphithéatre Léon Charve".


You are coming by train ? the campus is  three minutes' walk from the railway station.
From Menton on sunday (to arrive in Marseille before 2pm): see the DeutchBahn web site
                 Menton 7:35 ->-> Marseille 11:03  (no reservation required)
                 Menton 9:25 ->-> Marseille 13:02  (a seat reservation is required see at  - the reservation is not opennend yet

 by plane ? the airport shuttles arrive at the railway station. Hence, walking to the campus should not take more than 3 minutes.

List of hotels : there are several hotels nearby; see the accomodation page: