In blue is the part that corresponds to the (E)VB workshop-school, coffee breaks are not explicitly scheduled but are indeed organized.
Attendees of this second part are expected to use their own laptop, with a local wifi, and ssh connection to our cluster.
Please tell us if it not the case (no laptop) so we can anticipate to provide one for you.

June Su 24th Mo 25th Tu 26th We 27th Th 28th Fri 29th
9h   Plenary (35')        
10h30   2 talks (25') 3 talks (25') VB frame-work (1h30) VB Hands–on VB or EVB Hands–on
    Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break    
11h   POSTERS 2 talks      
12h30   POSTERS Plenary (35') VB 2  Views (1h30') (until 12h) (until 12h)
  Welcome/Registration LUNCH   LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH
14h Opening / Plenary (35')   free * EVB frame-work (1h30)    
15h30 2 talk (25') 3 talks (25')        
  Coffee Break Coffee Break   Coffee Break EVB Hands–on VB or EVB Hands–on
16h 3 talks 2 talks   EVB 2  Views    
17h30 (25') Plenary (35')   (1h30')   (until 17h)
    19:00 Welcome Cocktail at the Town House (Vieux Port) Conference Dinner    

* The afternoon is free (we propose various visits of the area : Aix-en-Provence, Marseille  - included in the fees) + conference dinner. Attendees can also enjoy freely the sea-shore.